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Victor H. Schlosser
| Videographer | Photographer |
I feel that for a photographer to be a success they have to know themselves well. There has to be a yearning to create a particular look or feel in their images. The things that the individual photographer feels passionate about will always bring about the best images. I am a fan of the human form, both female & male and try to show this in my work.
2021 - CHANGE - 2021

2020 changed everything. We aren't living in the same world we use to. Our personal lives, businesses, jobs and hobbies have all needed to change and adapt.

Social distancing, smaller gatherings, masks, more testing - along with immunizations now, is all just part of the new paradigm of our lives. These are all things that we are going to have to adapt to and accept as part of our daily lives now.

Taking into consideration all of the changes that have happened through 2020, I have realized the importance of, and want to focus more on Local Businesses.

#shoplocalraleigh     #eatlocalraleigh

Now more than ever that we need to be supporting locally own businesses and restaurants. We need them as much as they need us. Avoid large corporations as much as possible. Keep your dollars local and support your neighbors.
To this end, I have linked together and adapted 3 of my sites to work together on this;

In this new year, I am going to be focusing more on personal video work. Things that interest me.
  • Models: interviews, showcases, promos
  • Performers: interviews, showcases, performance/highlights
  • Business: reviews, how-to's, promotions
I would also like to create a short (2-3 minute) video that can be looped to run over and over. This will be a display piece for myself and for the models involved. My intent is to create something that can be shown at galleries and events as a kind of moving wall art.

There is more information on all of this in the VIDEO section of this site.


Cooking | Grilling | Food
I love to cook and I really love to eat. I guess you could cooking a 'Hobby' for me. I love to cook and to grill. After several years of trying I have developed my own dry-rub for beef & pork. I also make a wicked pumpkin cheesecake. Currently, I am working on my pizza dough and pizza sauce recipes.

I really enjoy playing with recipes and improvising as I cook. This section of my site will cover some of the recipes that I like and enjoy sharing with friends. There are a few recipes here that involve baking. I am not really much of a baker. However on occasion I do make an attempt to bake.

I enjoy live music. Concerts, local bands at bars, street-corner musicians, it doesn't matter. Actually being present when someone creates music is both a pleasure and a honor. I have attended many concerts over the years, and each was special in its own way.