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My Favorite Camera.

Of all the cameras that I have owned over the years there is one that stands out.  It was and still is my favorite camera of all time.

Canon AE1-P


This camera body fits my hand perfectly.  All of the controls were within easy one-handed reach which left my left hand free for support or other uses.  And, I knew every setting possible with this camera (the options were a lot less than what is available today).  I also had a Canon AE1 (my first SLR) that I used as a backup.

6 of my top 10 favorite images that I have created in my life were shot on film, with a Canon AE1P.

For films that I ran through this camera I used Fuji 100 for color negatives, Ilford Delta 100 for B&W, and Kodak Kodachrome or Ektrachrome for slides.  I also played with Seattle Film Works film (Polaroid movie stock in 25mm spools) from time to time as it gave me both negatives and slides at the same time.  The Fuji and the Ilford films were my main go tos for the majority of my shooting.

I really miss the double-exposure feature on this camera.  I used it a lot in the studio and loved the work that came out of that.

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