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Motorcycle Ride

On March 18, 2010 the forecast was for a nice sunny day with a high of around 60 degrees so a few of my friends and I decided to go for a ride.  We decided to meet in Osage Beach, MO at Lake of the Ozarks at 9am.

When I was leaving the house that morning it was a bit foggy.


By the time I got to Jefferson City the sun was fully up and the fog was burned off.


I knew this was about a 90 minute ride for me to get there so I left a bit early.  There really wasn’t much traffic out so I made good time.  I arrived at Osage Beach with some time to kill so I stop for some coffee.


I finished my coffee and headed over to where everyone was supposed to be meeting.  The parking lot at


After we all met up and talked for a bit about where we were going to ride to and stop for lunch we headed out.


One of the riders was cold and wanted to put on additional gloves so we pulled off onto an exit.  At this point it had only warmed up to about 45 degrees.


After everyone was ready we headed out.  We rode for about 2 hours before stopping for lunch.  We stop at a small general store that also made sandwiches and served ice cream for lunch.  It was a nice little place with friendly people and lots of interesting stuff to look at and buy.


By the time we finished lunch it had warmed up a bit and was in the mid 50s.  Several people went outside and just sat and relaxed while enjoying the sunshine.


We then rode for a couple more hours and ended up back where we started in Osage Beach.  At that point everyone parted ways and headed back home on their own.  However, a couple of us did make one more stop  before leaving the area.


Overall it was a really nice day.  Got to hang out with some friends.  Had a nice lunch at a fun little market.  And, got to ride for a few hours and think ahead to the spring/summer riding season.

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