A new beginning!

This is new for me and has been added for 2019 (an ongoing).

My goal for this blog is to provide a place to keep you updated with things that are going on in my life and with my hobbies / etc.

I am no longer doing any commercial photography.  I do have a couple of schedule shoots but once these are done I am not going to be trying to get paid shoots anymore.  After 39 years I feel it is time for me get back to shooting for myself.  Shooting the things that I want and in the manner of my choosing.  From here on out “I” will be my main client and the be the one that I am trying to please.

I do have some projects that I would like to do for myself.  A couple of posters that I would like to complete and one more portfolio.  I do have Casting Calls here on my site for these and I am looking forward to getting them completed.

Also, now that I am semi-retiring, I am going to be getting rid of a lot of my equipment, lights, accessories, costumes, and other related items. I won’t be needing a lot of the stuff that i currently have.  I will post about this stuff on both Facebook and Google+ to give people I know first crack at anything they might like to have before I post on Craigslist (or wherever).

I do have some ideas for topics that I would like to cover with this blog, but I am sure that it will evolve as time goes along so I’m not going to lay out a strict set of guidelines for this quite yet.  There will still be some photography related topics along with posts about any current video projects I may be working on.  And I am sure there will be many food/restaurant related posts as I currently plan to remain active both on Yelp and as a Google Guide.

I invite you to follow along and I would love to hear any of your thoughts or suggestion.

That’s all for now.  Thanks!