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Models that I would like to work with in 2017

This year I am only going to be doing a few special projects.  For each of these I have specific looks in mind and specific models that I would like to work with for each of these.  However, I do have one project (probably in late October or early November) that I am going to […]

RPG Photo Project

I am in a photography related Group on Facebook.  We have a Project for 2017.  26 bi-weekly assignments for photos.  I am going to try and complete all of these throughout this year. I will be posting my images here and on the Facebook group.  I will be using the titles for these posts as: […]

Motorcycle Ride

On March 18, 2010 the forecast was for a nice sunny day with a high of around 60 degrees so a few of my friends and I decided to go for a ride.  We decided to meet in Osage Beach, MO at Lake of the Ozarks at 9am. When I was leaving the house that […]


Tried out a new version of a sandwich I haven’t had in a while.  A BLT. Pumpernickel Rye bread Guacamole 3 slice of bacon Lettuce Tomato Provolone cheese I want to start doing more food photography.  I just need to remember to have my photography equipment ready before I make the food.  I need to […]

My Favorite Camera.

Of all the cameras that I have owned over the years there is one that stands out.  It was and still is my favorite camera of all time. Canon AE1-P This camera body fits my hand perfectly.  All of the controls were within easy one-handed reach which left my left hand free for support or […]

Where are Your Photographs?

What do you do with your photos? Are you still shooting film or are you shooting digital? If you are shooting digital are you storing your images on your memory card or on your computer? Maybe burning them to CDs? These are all good ways to store your images for the short term but they […]

The Photographer’s Eye

Over the years I have heard literally hundreds of people refer to “The Photographers Eye” referring to a photographers ability to see and create unique images. I do agree that the photographers individual vision is very relevant to the the images that they take, but there are other things that work along with that. I […]